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Find here selection of hand-picked labware items especially suited for the manipulation of our products.

Small Staining Box

Ideal for staining individual electrodes up to 2.5 x 2.5 cm. Entirely made of plastic, this box will not bring metallic contaminants to your electrodes.

Dimensions: H 30 mm, diam. 40 mm
Material: polypropylene (PP)
Volume: 25 mL


Medium Staining Box

The perfect asset for staining electrodes up to 12 x 12 cm. The staining solution can be easily drained and saved for later use thanks to a plug located in a corner of the box.

Dimensions: 125 x 125 x 50 mm
Material: PCTG (base), PDPE (lid and stopper)
Volume: 400 mL


Plastic Pipettes

The soft plastic material makes them very well suited for working with glass electrodes or other hard substrates.

Dimensions: 15.5 cm or 30 cm
Material: polyethylene (PE)
Volume: 3 mL or 7 mL


Heat Resistant Tweezers

These tweezers can resist temperatures up to 230°C, and most chemicals.

Dimensions: L 11.5 cm
Material: reinforced polyphenylensulfide (PPS)


Plastic Tweezers

Set of 10 PP metal-free tweezers.

Dimensions: L 12.5 cm
Material: polypropylene (PP)


Plastic Spatulas

Polypropylene spatulas suitable for handling pastes.

Dimensions: L 24.5 cm, W 1.5 cm
Material: polypropylene (PP)


Disposable Spatulas

Sets of disposable spatulas.

Dimensions: 13.5 or 21 cm
Material: polypropylene (PP)


Glass Carrier, for 10 cm plates

This carrier can host 20 samples, up to 3 mm thick, with a confortable distance of 6 mm between each item.

Made from high-density polyethylene, the carrier allows for bath treatment in aqueous solutions as well as in most common solvents, and is sonication safe.


UV Filter Adhesive Film

Adhesive film blocking about 99.5% of the incoming UV radiation while preserving an excellent light transmission across the visible spectrum.


Glass Cutter

This high-precision glass cutter will help you cut and trim 0.5-4 mm substrates with ease. Unlike conventional cutters, our Glass Cutter features a unique and durable notched carbide wheel that provides very precise cuts with smooth edges.


Vac'n'Fill Syringe

The Vac'n'Fill Syringe is an easy to use device for making a vacuum in a solar cell cavity and back filling the cavity with a liquid electrolyte.


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