In addition to specialty chemicals, Solaronix provides complete kits of components to build your own Perovskite Solar Cells and Dye Solar Cells with great simplicity. Our know-how in device fabrication is built into our kits. They include ready-to-use electrodes, counter-electrodes, sealings, gaskets, and other related items to make such solar cell assembly a breeze.

These kits offer a versatile and convenient way for experimenting with existing or new components. Pick up the complementary chemicals from our product portfolio, or test your own just as easily.


Classic Perovskite Solar Cell Kit
Make Planar or Mesostructured Perovskite Solar Cells

Researchers can now benefit from high quality titania electrodes specifically designed for experimenting with Perovskite Solar Cells.

Classic Perovskite Solar Cell Kit

Monolithic Perovskite Solar Cell Kit
Make Carbon-Based HTM-Free Perovskite Solar Cells

Get our ready-to-use monolithic electrodes bearing all of the compact TiO2, mesoporous TiO2, mesoporous ZrO2, and carbon layers in optimal thicknesses.

Monolithic Perovskite Solar Cell Kit


Test Cell Kit
Make Laboratory Dye Solar Cells

The Test Cell Kit allows experienced users to easily build many high performance Dye Solar Cells with a high degree of reproducibility.

Test Cell Kit

Education Cell Kit
Make Dye Solar Cells in the Classroom

The Education Cell Kit is designed to allow professors and students to easily make their own Dye Solar Cells with affordable materials.

Education Cell Kit

Demonstration Cell Kit
Alumina Paste

The Demonstration Cell kit is designed to make exhibition setups that can run in office lighting or other diffuse light conditions.

Demonstration Cell Kit

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Beginners' Guide

How do I make Dye Solar Cells? Solaronix provides a free tutorial to help you get started:



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