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Join the Perovskite Solar Cell Revolution with Our New Products

May 9th, 2014

It has been the buzzword in the Dye Solar Cell community for a while now, “perovskite” appears everywhere in the literature.
This new approach to solid-state Dye Solar Cells replacing pigment molecules with lead-halide perovskite crystals has reached remarkable performances.
Could it be a renaissance in Dye Solar Cell research? Too soon to tell, but the progress is tremendous and we couldn’t resist giving at try at it either.

Our scientists locked themselves in the lab to investigate those Perovskite Solar Cells until they came up with a load of new products.
We are now very pleased to announce the availability of a new set of products dedicated to Perovskite Solar Cells.

Special Ti-Nanoxide products

Perovskite Solar Cells are making use of titania dioxide in two different ways.
First, the device is build up from a compact layer of TiO2 residing on the TCO substrate.
Second, a thin mesoporous layer of titanium dioxide nano-particles acts as an electron-selective scaffolding.

Ti-Nanoxide BL/SP

Ti-Nanoxide BL/SP is a screen-printable paste aimed at the deposition of a thin and dense, pinhole-free layer of titanium dioxide.
Such a blocking-layer will prevent the hole transport material or the perovskite to directly enter in contact with the conductive substrate.

Ti-Nanoxide T600/SP and Ti-Nanoxide T300/SP

Ti-Nanoxide T600/SP and Ti-Nanoxide T300/SP are a set of screen-printable pastes containing 15-20 nm titanium dioxide anatase particles.
Printing any of these with a 61-64 polyester mesh yields a ~600 nm or a ~300 nm thick layer respectively, after sintering at 475°C.
The resulting layer presents an optimized thickness and porosity for application in Perovskite Solar Cells.

Perovskite Precursor

The light absorber commonly found in Perovskite Solar Cells is methylammonium lead(II) iodide.
It is synthesized in-situ from two precursors, lead iodide, and methylammonium iodide.
While the former is available from most raw material suppliers, methylammonium iodide is a specialty material no so common.
You will find now methylammonium iodide from Solaronix with purity grade targeted for solar cell application.

Hole Transport Material

Charge generation occurs in the perovskite material, this intrinsic layer is sandwiched between electron-selective and hole-selective materials
which ensure together charge separation.
The titania layer discussed here first acts as an electron-selective material.
On the other end, the hole-selective material is typically Spiro-OMeTAD, now also available from Solaronix.

Perovskite Cell Kit

With our special titania pastes, perovskite precursor, and hole transport material, you are now fully equipped to investigate Perovskite Solar Cells.
But that’s not all, we have also come up with a whole new kit containing ready-to-use electrodes for this novel photovoltaic technology.

Researchers can now benefit from high quality titania electrodes specifically designed for experimenting with Perovskite Solar Cells.
Electrodes are available at different stages of layering:

Whether you would like to make Perovskite solar cells from the ground up, or speed up the process with our kit electrodes,
there is definitely a Solaronix product to help you out.

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The Solaronix Team

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