Many of our realizations are built upon customers' requirements. The mechanical design of our systems allows us to build units of any size, either custom Sunirad light soakers, or Solixon solar simulators.

Our large area Sunirad and Solixon equipment consist of arrays of Lumixo light engines. The complete machine is then built for the targeted illuminated area specified by the customer.

Thanks to our Lumixo light engine, our light soakers and solar simulators provide continuous and stable illumination. Sunirad and Solixon equipment can be ordered with a Class A, Class B, or Class C spectrum to fit every need and budget.

Our basic systems typically meet the Class BBB required for most testing standards, while our high end systems meet Class AAA specifications.

All our machines are constructed to give easy access to the illuminating chamber. Furthermore, they come with a network interface to allow remote control of the installation.

Thermal Control

Continuous solar simulation implies that a considerable amount of energy is fed to the sample under test. Solaronix' range of simulators are fully engineering for full thermal control of your samples. Our sample holder can be fitted with thin-tube heat exchangers which circulates fresh air on the back side of the samples to accommodate virtually any shape of solar panel.

Sunirad Units

The Sunirad units are designed for light-soaking and feature a thermostated sample holder for complete thermal control, be it room temperature or elevated temperatures up to 55±2°C. This exceeds the 50±10°C required by IEC 61646 to meet standard light soaking conditions.

Solixon Units

The Solixon units are designed for solar simulation. They rely on thorough thermal engineering to maintain your samples at 25°C to meet the Standard Testing Conditions (STC) required by IEC 60904-9.

Your samples can also be held at elevated temperatures up to 55±2°C for customized testing conditions.

Case study: Solixon A-1525

This Solixon A-1525 unit was designed to realize solar simulation on a 250 x 150 cm area. The system relies on 20 Lumixo light engines to obtain Class A spectrum, uniformity, and stability.

Solixon A-1525 Specifications

Sample type: mono and polycrystalline silicon solar cells
Sample area: 250 x 150 cm illuminated area
Light intensity: 800 to 1100 W/m2 intensity
Light source: 20 Lumixo light engines, Class A
Lamps lifetime: 20000 hours, serviceable
Spectrum: Class A
Illumination non-uniformity: ±2% over 250 x 150 cm (Class A)
Irradiance stability: <2% (Class A as per IEC 60904-9)
Light engine cooling: forced air ventilation
Software: lamp control and monitoring, sample holder temperature, light intensity
Dimensions: 330 x 270 x 210 cm (sample holder closed)
Mass: ~1500 kg without refrigerated circulator
Structure: anodized aluminum
Electromagnetic compatibility: 2.45 GHz ISM Group 2, Class B Device (CISPR 11)
RoHS conformity: yes
CE conformity: yes, the components and the entire system conform with the CE regulations, the system is intended for industrial or laboratory use


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