Our specialty chemicals and components for Dye Solar Cells are grouped into the following product lines:

Titanium Dioxide Pastes

The Ti-Nanoxide products are a complete range of titanium dioxide pastes for fabrication of nano-porous photo-anodes in Dye Solar Cells. They come in formulations for various deposition techniques and different layer aspects.

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Nickel Oxide Paste

A recent introduction to our portfolio, the all new Ni-Nanoxide is a printable nickel oxide paste for fabrication of photo-cathodes in reverse (p-type) Dye Solar Cells.

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Zirconium Dioxide Paste

Zr-Nanoxide is a printable zirconium oxide paste that forms a porous and electrically insulating layer. Zr-Nanoxide is targeted for the assembly of monolithic Dye Solar Cells and monolithic Perovskite Solar Cells.

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Carbon Electrode Pastes

Our novel carbon pastes are specifically geared for the manufacturing of highly conductive carbon electrodes. They allow for the replacement of the glass or metal counter-electrodes in monolithic assemblies of Dye Solar Cells or Perovskite Solar Cells.

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Ruthenium Photo-Sensitizers

The Ruthenizer products are a set of ruthenium dyes for the sensitization of wide band-gap semi-conductor like titanium dioxide in Dye Solar Cells. Solaronix offers high purity ruthenium dyes in both retail and industrial quantities.

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Organic Photo-Sensitizers

Our offer of photo-sensitizers also extends to purely organic dyes. The Sensidizer products not only bring alternatives to ruthenium pigments, but also comprise dye molecules for solid-state Dye Solar Cells.

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Solvent-Based Electrolytes

The Iodolyte products are a range of iodide-based electrolytes carefully developed with state-of-the-art additives to ensure excellent solar cell performance and durability.

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Non-Volatile Electrolytes

As an alternative to solvent-based electrolytes, the Mosalyte products are non-volatile electrolyte formulations based on ionic liquids. They are compatible with more diverse sealing processes, and allow for outstanding solar cell durability.

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Solar-Grade Ionic Liquids

For whose desiring to experiment with their own electrolyte formulations, the IonLic products are a set of solar-grade ionic liquids which can be used as additives or solvent replacement.

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Platinum Catalyst Precursors

The Platisol products are a set of chemical precursors for the deposition of catalytic platinum layers in cathode fabrication. Available in a liquid paint or a viscous paste, Platisol products are suitable for most deposition techniques.

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Hot-Melt Sealing Films

The Meltonix hot-melt sealing films are the material of choice for the lamination of solar cell electrodes. Their excellent chemical compatibility ensure a proper confinement of electrolyte. Available in different thicknesses.

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Transparent and Conductive Substrates

A selection of conductive and transparent substrates suitable for the assembly of Dye Solar Cells or similar electrochemical devices. Several thicknesses and sheet resistivities are available, among the most conductive found on the market today.

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