Dye Solar Cells Assembly Instructions

Dear visitors, we have completely revamped our
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Dye Solar Cells for Real
Dye Solar Cells for Real
The Assembly Guide for Making Your Own Solar Cells

dye_solar_cells_for_real.pdf (PDF, 7 MB)

This tutorial was inspired by requests from Dye Solar Cell enthusiasts looking for a place to start. Some of them were scientist starting to investigate the technology, while others were professors who wanted to teach the assembly in training courses. Should you be in such a situation or not, we hope you will find this tutorial to be useful, helping you to successfully make your own Dye Solar Cells!

There are many ways of making a Dye Solar Cell, with many combinations of materials and designs. For instance, some people may make cells open to the air, while others may choose to deposit the titania on their own. Some may prefer natural dyes instead of ruthenium dyes, and carbon cathodes instead of platinum cathodes, to make inexpensive solar cells for school activities.

This document attempts to cover all possible situations. Therefore, several methods described for obtaining the same part of a solar cell. The cathode, for example, can be made from platinum or carbon. In such a case, only one method needs to be employed, depending on materials and equipment available. Readers are thus invited to pick and choose the sections relevant to the type of assembly they desire.

This guide was compiled from comments and suggestions from our readers. Please feel free to send us your comments and suggestions, so that we can continue to improve this tutorial.

The operation of a Dye Solar Cell is magical. Fortunately, making them requires no magic, just the right tools, materials, and techniques that we are happy to share with you here.

Good luck making your own Dye Solar Cells, and have fun!

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